ZYSOLAR Co., Ltd & Aerocyberstech company:Creating a new chapter in energy and intelligent technology together

    Recently, ZYSOLAR Co., Ltd and Aerocyberstech company held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Jingdezhen, and on that day, ZY Solar also witnessed the successful completion of the real-life function test of Aerocybers Intelligent robot system. This milestone event signifies that these two companies will work hand in hand to jointly promote the development and application of new energy and intelligent technology, injecting new vitality into the transformation of global energy structure and green development.


   WuMucong,GM of ZYSOLAR Co., Ltd, congratulated Aerocybers Intelligent team for the major breakthrough and introduced our company's development history, investment scale, production equipment, products and development orientation, and also described the use of our products in different application scenarios. GM Wu said, according to the medium and long-term business needs of our company and the global industrial layout, the cooperation with intelligent operation and maintenance technology will be crucial to our company's downstream advancement in the industry, at the same time, ZYSOLAR is exploring the development of Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Cloud System together with the industry leaders, and we are expected to build a global first-class intelligent operation and maintenance integration platform under the cooperation of many parties.

    Aerocybers Intelligent, an enterprise dedicated to providing intelligent operation and maintenance cleaning robot system for unattended PV power stations. Its autonomous research drones and robots achieve fully automatic collaborative ecology under the support of artificial intelligence, which can be said to be a pioneer in the industry, combining with wireless charging library and LEGO assembling technology to effectively solve all kinds of trouble and problems in the operation and maintenance of PV power station and provide customers with truly efficient automatic operation and maintenance cleaning solutions. GM Shu, the founder of Aerocybers Intelligent , and his team thanked ZYSOLAR Co., Ltd for providing the functional test scene, and said that the strategic cooperation between the two sides will help Aerocybers Intelligent system research achievements to be rapidly practiced in different applications, and at the same time, maximize the end customer's experience and return on investment.