Prosperity in year of the Loong Together for new journey | ZYSOLAR Co., Ltd holds 2024 New Year's opening Ceremony

     On the morning of February 19, 2024, all the staff of ZYSOLAR Co., Ltd held a opening ceremony at C04# plant of the Industry-Education Integration Project. Yu Xiaobing, Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Hesheng Company, Secretary of the Party Branch and Chairman of ZYSOLAR Co., Ltd, Tu Zongde, Deputy Secretary of CPC and GM of Hesheng Company, Fang Zhihua, OD of State-owned Group, Feng Xin, Director of the Operation Management Department of State-owned Group, Wang Haitao, Member of the Party Committee and Vice GM of Hesheng Company, and Li Mengyuan, Director of the Party Group Work Department of Hesheng Company were invited to participate in the opening Ceremony.

All the staff gathered together.


      GM Wu Mucong said that the Spring Festival holiday has passed, all staff stand at a new starting point to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

       In this warm moment, we may be immersed in the joy of gathering with family members, or perhaps feel the profound heritage of Chinese culture in the rich and colorful festivals and activities. And today, all the staff will turn these wonderful memories into motivation to meet new challenges to write a new chapter and start a new journey with more enthusiasm and high morale.

     After the ceremony began, Yu Xiaobing, Chairman of Hesheng Company, made a speech to mobilize the start of work and on behalf of Hesheng Company and ZYSOLAR Co., Ltd, wished all the staff lots of luck in this Loong year, good health, and success in work, and hoped that everyone could adjust from the festive atmosphere as soon as possible, and put 100% of their time and energy into the work of the new year. Yu Xiaobing pointed out that 2024 is a crucial year for ZYSOLAR. With the rapid progress of science and technology and the development of society, new energy industry has gradually become an important driving force of the global economy. This not only means that the company will face more opportunities and challenges, but also requires that we must grasp this historic opportunity, in order to achieve greater breakthroughs and progress, to fully e xplore its own advantages, and continue to develop the market.

       Yu Xiaobing emphasized that, as the new energy enterprises in the high-tech zone, ZYSOLAR should anchor the annual target without letting up, to ensure the efficient completion of full-year targets and tasks, to be early arrangements, early action, early implementation. We must strictly control the costs of the enterprise, to prohibit all kinds of problems caused by inadequate management, improve product yield, conserve energy  and reduce emissions , decrease costs and increase benefit, and to make due contribution to the high-quality development of the Hesheng Company and the Zhengye Science and Technology.

        ZYSOLAR not only inherits the unique "craftsman spirit" of Jingdezhen, but also integrates it with modern leading technology to realize the pursuit of innovation, quality and sustainable development. Adhering to the corporate culture concept of "Inheritance and Innovation, Green Development", it carries forward the culture of Chinese "craftsmen" and strives to become a leading enterprise in the field of clean energy.

         To open a new chapter of ZYSOLAR needs the concerted efforts of all the staff. Let us go forward hand in hand, with more passion, more firm beliefs and more pragmatic style to draw the bright future of the new energy industry!